About Us

Changing the World One Garment at a Time…

Welcome to Bebe Bombom!

We strongly believe that if we change the way we carry out our day-to-day activities we can all make a better world for our children and future generations.

That is why we have created Bebe Bombom, an ethical brand that has sustainability as its core, giving our community the opportunity to change the world with us, one garment or product at a time.

By choosing natural fibres for your babies and children’s clothes, you are not only taking care of their skin, you are also protecting the environment for them and future generations.

Less is more…

We want to help with the reduction of fast fashion and its consequences by creating beautiful, high quality heirloom pieces that are not only used for a few months, but can be treasured and handed down to younger siblings, grandchildren and future generations.

Our Promise...

We provide our customers with safe, sustainable and ethical baby and children clothing with high quality standards at affordable prices.

We design beautiful, timeless styles and gift sets that are perfect to create lovely family heirlooms and memories that can be cherished for generations to come.

Our collections are made from carefully curated fabrics made with 100% natural fibres and non-toxic dyes to provide unique softness and comfort.

Empowering and Inspiring you

With every order we give our wonderful customers the option to support some of the lovely causes we care about so they can join our mission to make this world a better and more sustainable place "one garment at a time".

Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is a cause very close to our hearts, and that is why when buying one of our handsmocked or hand embroidered pieces you are also supporting the lovely artisans that have made those pieces with all their love and dedication.