Fostering a healthy and safe work environment...

Environmental concerns are a core aspect of our brand as well the production of great designs for baby clothing in premium fabrics. To this end, Bebe Bombom has teamed with partners in Peru who share the same vision and goals. The priorities are for Bebe Bombom to enjoy the benefits of sustainable production that is eco-friendly, ethical, at the same time create productive and safe working environments.

Bebe Bombom cares about the people that produce our clothes; starting with those who cultivate and hand pick the world’s finest Pima Cotton, the producers of quality fibre and fabric, the creative Bebe Bombom designers, the craftsmen and the artisans who embroider our lovely baby clothes.

As a result of our commitment to the empowerment of women, many native artisans are able to work at home, while caring for their own children. Perhaps a little bit of their maternal love is stitched into our baby clothes as well, extending their good wishes across continents and oceans.