About us



Bebe Bombom aims to dress your child beautifully with our high end luxury items in an elegant style. Our collection for babies up to 4 years, is steeped in tradition and quality with beautiful detailing. We create pieces that are generational and can become family heirlooms. At Bebe Bombom we believe that the most luxurious and gentlest fabric touches a baby’s skin and only use the highest calibre fabrics. The quality of cotton varies greatly, but we use Peruvian pima cotton, the world’s finest, prized for its exceptional durability and softness. The source of this fibre with its ideal characteristics, make our products unique.

Not only do we care about your babies skin, we care for the environment. We strive to make thoughtful, informed and low-impact decisions in every facet of our business. When you purchase an item from our collection, you are doing so much more than giving your child a timeless look. Pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand, meaning a reduced carbon footprint and more environmentally friendly. We are committed to providing jobs that focus on social and economic independence, especially for women who embroider and smock our clothing by hand.

We produce charming, classic designs that can be cherished and passed down to the next generation. Designs to help them shine. Designs that your little person will love wearing.